Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gettin' inked

Not really. I wish I was brave enough to get a tattoo. But I don't like needles.  And I don't think I would ever be able to decide on an image.  That stuff is permanent.  And sometimes I'm fickle.  It's too big of a decision.  Almost as big as choosing fabric for your next project. See how I just transitioned there?  Stick around--it's going to get better. Maybe not...see? Fickle.

One of my favorite people ever who had one of the most fun weddings I've ever attended and with whom I eat lunch almost every day asked for a bag.  She likes big bags, but she has a tot, so she needs certain things to be readily accessible.  Then she told me she had been looking on (I love when my 'customers' do their own research--saves me the guesswork) and saw something she thought would be good.  It was a large print so she thought it would look good on a larger bag, and the colors seemed vibrant but not loud (I'm amazed that people listen long enough for something to sink in when I babble on about this stuff, and then kind of repeat it back to me accurately).

So here's the print she selected:

This is Michael Miller's 'Tattoo Parlour Scroll'

I would normally have passed this by.  I like pink and flowers and Christmas trees, so things that are not one of those things don't register with me (unfortunately--because usually they're quite nice.  I need to increase my fabric field of view).  I'm considering ordering more of this just to have on hand--it really is a great looking fabric.  And it is 100% her personality.

Anyhoodle--here's the bag I just finished:

Please excuse the huge shadow on the left--I need to deliver tomorrow so I had to snap photos tonight.

And here's a modification to the original:  she asked for pockets on the outside to fit a kid's juice cup or a bottle of water, etc.  I had to figure out the measurements of the bottom pleat and how much elastic was just right--I think I nailed it.... I really like how it blends in to the side so it's not obvious there are pockets on the sides.

And here's your standard inside: slip pocket on the left, zip pocket on the right.

I thought I had much more of this red than I actually did, but I had the exact amount I needed so all ended up being right with the world.  I like how the fabric has chameleon properties about it.  It looks like an animal print but it's not.  It's called Tattoo Parlour and looks tattoo-ish, but not really.  It's kind of abstract, but at the same time definitely a scroll pattern.  Michael Miller is definitely my favorite fabric designer.   And Amy Butler.  If they ever collaborated on a fabric line my head might explode.


  1. Michael Miller is definitely my favorite fabric designer. And Amy Butler. If they ever collaborated on a fabric line my head might explode. --> I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN.

  2. I'm glad someone does--my non-sewing peeps have no clue how excited I get about fabric.



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