Thursday, October 14, 2010

Answer: a newspaper. a nun falling down the stairs. the bag I just finished.

Question: What's black and white and red all over? Bwahahahaha.

Wanted to pop in and show you the bag I just finished. It's been seen several times: here and here and here. I would be lying if I told you I wasn't slightly bored with it at this point, but I added an extra little element to this version to keep it more interesting--piping!

 The fabric is Michael Miller's 'Zesty Zinnia' in the black colorway.

I'm pretty happy I invested in that piping foot a few weeks ago. I don't see myself attempting piping with a zipper foot for a serious project (although I'm going to try it with scraps to see the difference between the feet).  Here's a closer look:

The piping foot helps snug it up so it's in there nice and secure.

I think this bag really benefits from the piping; I wish I had discovered that sooner. It's a large bag so large prints work better on it, but something seems off about it if I don't break up the yoke and the main bag. It's not always an easy task to find 2 fabrics that work well together, so piping is a nice alternative. The only negative about it is that it takes a bit of time and you use a lot more thread, first in making the piping, then in sewing the piping down, but whatevs. The end result is delightful so no worries.

Blogger is being a big jerk tonight with loading up pictures, so that's all I've got for now. I have a few more projects to finish up and then I'm taking a break from taking custom orders. I have seen so many adorable projects for the holidays that I want to try, plus I have a list of things I wanted to make before I saw the adorable projects, so I have plenty to keep me busy. Do you believe it's only slightly more than two months until Christmas? In kid time those two months seem like years, but when you're an adult doesn't it seem like days? Another crappy thing about adulthood they don't tell you. 

Have a happy Friday folks! Over and out.


  1. Wow, beautiful bag the fabric is wonderful, I am rubbish at piping I guess a piping foot is what I need...
    I am starting to panic about Christmas a little, it is kind of sneaking up on me now, every time I turn and look it stands still so I forget about it until the next reminder! Must get busy making stuff!
    Kandi x

  2. It's not always an easy task to find 2 fabrics that work well together --> True. You are full of bag-making geniusity ;-)

  3. That looks fantastic, the piping really works so well and the bag looks great. I know what you mean by "the crappy things they don't tell you" about being an adult, like: the older you get the quicker the year passes, so unfair (in a whiny-kid-voice) and the less time there seems to be for all those projects...On that note, must dash, weekend plans and activities ;-) Have a great weekend, Love from London x

  4. That's a sweet bag! I particularly enjoyed your information on piping and how important the appropriate machine foot can be! I've been working with the new laminated cottons lately and have just invested in a Teflon foot...what a difference! I will definitely pick up the piping foot you recommend! Thanks for a great post ;)

  5. Love your bag! I adore Michael Miller fabric too. Looks great!



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