Sunday, October 3, 2010

So Corny: Fabric Candy Tutorial

Fall weather has finally made its way here, along with bags and bags of Halloween candy. I have the hardest time walking down those aisles in the store and not picking up one of everything. Including candy corn, which I don't really like. I always think I do, and I'll grab a big handful and think "Yum! Love this stuff! This big handful is a great idea!" After I shove all of it in my mouth at once I get that feeling of "Uh-oh. What have I done?" I force down that mouthful of waxy sugar and then swear that I can actually feel cavities forming. I decided that I love looking at candy corn, but don't like eating it, so this year I'm going with a healthy alternative: patchwork candy corn. Now, this isn't my idea. I've seen it here and there, but I figured I'd share with you what I did in case you'd like to make a few.

First, gather your ingredients:

This picture is totally unnecessary. I just like it.

You can use colors that are a bit darker for a more rustic looking project, or you can go bright and traditional. I've got a bit of everything--bright and muted cottons in different prints, and even some cheap felt (which melts--did you know that? I didn't...). You can get several out of a fat quarter of each color, or mix and match some scraps to stash-bust a bit.

Next you'll need a pattern. You can draw this if you like, or you can use a template. I used this one.  I printed it out and reduced it by about fifteen percent as I didn't want mine so large. But you can make them however large you'd like. A pillow would probably be adorable.

Next, we cut. I cut a 2 inch by 9 inch strip in each color. This is enough to make one candy corn for the size I used. Check against your template to make sure you don't need more/less.

 You can press the fabric as you press the seams later. I'm saying that to gloss over the fact that I didn't press my fabric and should have.

Then we are going to sew the white to the orange, right sides together, with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Then sew the yellow to the orange. You should have this:

I did copious amounts of research to make sure this color placement was correct (read: I ate some candy corn while I was making these. Even though I don't like it. I have a major sweet tooth). My instinct was to flip the orange and yellow, so I'm glad I checked. 

Press your seams. I pressed both towards the orange as it was the darkest and wouldn't show through. Now you are going to fold this piece in half, short ends together, making sure your color strips line up well:

Taking the time to check the alignment will keep it from going too wonky on you. I learned that lesson the swear-jar way.

Then place your template in the center and pin it down. One note here: on a real candy corn the orange part is larger than the others. I made my first one this way and just didn't like it so I'm making them all the same. Cut around your template.

I made a lot of these at once, assembly-line style, so the fabrics are varying from one picture to the next, in case anyone noticed.

Next, pin. The only places I pinned were at the seams to make sure they were lined up nice and neat. Then, stitch. I started at the bottom, pivoting slowly at the corners, working my way around, leaving a two inchish gap at the bottom for turning. I tried clipping any curves or corners, but didn't notice any difference if I didn't, so I saved myself the time and just didn't clip.

Take your time at the corners--the curves are a bit small.

Turn it inside out through the opening you left in the bottom. Give it a nice press. Turn your raw edges at the gap inside and press those neatly too. Then, stuff. I used plain ol' polyester fiber-fill. This is the least fun part of the entire project. Or maybe I feel that way because I made about forty of these (I like giving easy little handmade presents, especially seasonal ones).

I didn't stuff these too full--they're not going to lose the fluff as they are going to just be sitting in a bowl or basket. But I did make sure they had a nice shape to them.

Then stitch the gap in the lining closed. You can do this by hand for a nice neat finish or you can do as I did and run them through the machine, stitching as close to the edge as possible. After they were all finished I gave each of them a brief press to get out any last minute wrinkles that may have formed. 

And there you have it!

Arrange in a cute bowl or basket and you have a cute fall decoration that doesn't take much time (I think one of these took me about ten minutes). 

 I stuck some potpourri at the bottom of the basket for an extra little touch. Put some inside or use scented oils to make little fall sachets.

Have fun!


  1. These can be great Christmas tree decor when Christmas-y fabrics are used ,too!

    And oh, hello, love your felt (?) basket :)

  2. That's such a sweet idea...and I do like your totally unnecessary pics, they're always lovely ;-) Hope you have a good week. Love from London xo

  3. [And oh, hello, love your felt (?) basket :) ]

    They ARE felt--good eye! If you only knew how long it took me to find those!

  4. [That's such a sweet idea...and I do like your totally unnecessary pics, they're always lovely ;-) ]

    Thank you--hope things are calming down for you after your move!

  5. These are really cute! I have been making some similar to this, but not quite as stylish. One of these days I might blog about it. LOL

    I'm new here, just wanted to say I love your Halloween background. So cute!

  6. How cute! I made some stuffed candy corn too, but they didn't turn out nearly as cute. I love the different fabrics you used!

  7. Very cute! I may just have to try this!

  8. I love, love, love this! Especially when you put them in a basket like that! What a cute idea. I am featuring this at Grab my "featured" button.

  9. Wow these are super cute! Thank you for posting, and I too love that felt bowl!!

  10. That's the cutest!!:) I just featured you here:
    Come and link up your crafts every Wednesdays!!

  11. I love these, and made up a batch today! I posted about it on my blog... you can check it out at:

  12. Oh my, this is just the cutest! Great fabric choices! And super cute craft. Candy corn ideas are the best! Thanks for the inspiration! I would love for you to share this @ Show & Share!

  13. These are so, so cute! Thanks for sharing your idea!
    Happy Fall,

  14. I LOVE the candy corn pillow! I saw it on One Pretty Thing. I'm now your newest follower. Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. Those are darling and I loved the "gather your ingredients".
    he he

    Have a happy Halloween =D

  16. SUPER cute! I love your choice of fabrics. Thanks so much for sharing!
    - Haley

  17. This is AWESOME! I would love for you to share this on my first ever linky party beginning at 12:01AM Tuesday - it's all things Halloween!

    {Not So} Tough Tuesday

  18. Very cute and love how easy they were!!
    Thanks for linking up to Show & Share!!

  19. These are soooo adorable! I totally want to make some. Thanks for sharing such a cute idea.


  20. Very cleaver and cute! Thanks for sharing! :)

  21. Oh! These are so cute! I'd love for you to stop by and link up for my Friday Favorites party!

  22. These are so cute! I love candy corn in every shape and form! :)



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