Monday, October 11, 2010

A finished quilt!

But let's not focus on the fact that it's not mine and I had nothing to do with it.

Y'know this?

Click here for the tutorial.

Well, apparently, once you have a ton (as yours truly does) you're supposed to stitch them all together and make a quilt instead of leaving them to fend for themselves in a gallon-sized ziplock bag. Grandma is much more efficient at this step than I am. Obviously.

My colors are much more "Bang! Pow!" than hers, but I don't think she has very many repeats in there. This kind of quilt is perfect for depleting the scrap bag.

Each bowtie was stitched in the ditch, and the plain squares had a flower stitched in them.

I majorly dig the flower and twirly thing border (I hear that twirly thing is indeed the technical term for that stenciling pattern).

Here's the part that's amazing: the entire quilt is hand-stitched. Each bowtie by hand. Each row of blocks by hand. Each tiny quilting stitch by hand. I made two blocks by hand and ran to get my machine. But Grandma makes every. Single. Quilt. By hand. And they are all queen-sized. Oy, and oy again.

Even the looooong borders are stitched by hand.

I doubt mine will be this fancy. Scratch that. I know it will not be this fancy. I have the patience to do a table runner nice and fancy. Anything larger gives me incapacitating heartburn just thinking about it. At the pace that I seem to be moving these days it may be a while before you see my version, but I wanted to show you what it looks like finished in case you've decided to make one for yourself or someone else--if you're low on patience like moi it would be adorable in a crib size with baby prints. I saw one somewhere with pink fabric instead of white--mucho cute-o!


  1. Oh wow. I can just imagine the kind of dedication and craftsmanship poured into this quilt. the borders are mind-blowing!

    Here's rooting for you and your quilt! You can do it! ^_^*

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! Maybe I'll work on it through the upcoming chilly weather...



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