Tuesday, January 31, 2012

At last...

Well, well, well. Look what finally decided to rear its head...


The best part is how they look a little like they're yelling out of their big trumpety mouths.

I must now go cut and fuse. I have a bag order waiting to be made.


  1. Gorgeous! Just in time for Valentine's Day...

  2. ohh!! they look gorgeous Beth!! It's my mom's favorite flower too :D
    Did I mention I love your Valentine's theme?? It's so cuteeeeeeee

  3. Pretty! I was cutting and fusing last night too (although if it's a demand from your dad, I'm not sure it counts as an order as such...)

  4. Nice!! I have an order for a bag and ipad cosy waiting (but have to w*rk today, ugh) and yesterday and the day before I was sooooo busy designing a free printable... all in time for Vday (which is on my bloggie, right now... yay, made a deadline).
    Happy sewing!

  5. Oh, lovely! Bright and red and fiery, perfect to take my little mind off the fact that I'm freezing... We had a tiny bit of snow the other day, but it luckily didn't stay. However, today has been bitterly cold with a nasty wind. I'm seriously dreaming of Spring and some sunshine now... Hope you're well and wishing you a good evening xo



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