Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Weekend

I have had such a lovely cozy weekend I don't want it to end. That whole resolution about doing the 'work' sewing during the week and the 'me' projects on the weekend has worked out quite well for my mood. I get so much more accomplished, too. Win-win.

We had some icy snowy messy crap Saturday morning. It's not the fun kind of snow that's pretty to look at - it's that crusty crunchy stuff that's a pain to shovel. It made for nice days inside sewing and stitching away. I didn't get anything finished, but I got things done, which isn't exactly the same.

Remember a few weeks ago I got gushy about the new toy I bought myself? Well, it arrived, and I spent some time playing with it. Please meet Persephone, my new Accu-Quilt cutter:

I have wanted one of these for stinkin' ages but I couldn't justify the cost to myself, especially since you have to get the cutting mats and the dies too. BUT they offered a great deal on their Facebook page a few weeks ago and I went for it. With the purchase of the cutter I got two mats and two dies for free. I threw in a couple extra dies that I liked (the apple core and the tumblers) and that was that.

This is so easy to use it's almost ridiculous. I pulled out my scraps and cut away with the tumbler die. I may have gone overboard, but they'll all get used. More to come on that front.

Overall it's been a quiet weekend. Today was the Patriots/Ravens game. I stayed in the other room quietly sewing. It was best to stay out of the way of the brother and the nephew while all that was going on. When the final kick thing to tie the game went bad, they decided that the best thing to do was make snow angels. Or, in this case, crunchy snowy ice angels.

I'm glad I sew and do quiet things. I would not want to be expected to show my devotion like this. I was freezing just taking the picture.

I'm going to go work on my ripple afghan for a bit, and then read for a little while. A quiet end to a cozy little weekend...cheers, all!


  1. Sounds good to me!! You do 'work' sewing. Oh, how jealous am I!! Now I'll spend the rest of my day here in the office dreaming of getting out of the bl**dy office! Ack!

  2. Glad that plan is working out for you with the sewing. I'm trying to get into the groove of doing the same thing, but I still found myself on Saturday entirely doing things for others (including others who had had a considerable amount of time in the last 3 weeks devoted to them, so I was kind of grumpy about it), and on Sunday I spent my time researchig for bee/swap partners, not that I minded that so much, and organising my Pinterest boards to make things easier for me to do things further down the line... Next weekend it'll be better!

    Have fun with your new toy :o) I'm getting the Sizzix Big Shot for my birthday in a couple of weeks (it seems sturdier than the Go Baby, and I already have a bunch of Sizzix dies from the original machine, it's just the newer quilt dies won't fit the old machine)

  3. I wish I had such a nice weekend too!! You know I'm drooling over your new little treasure, right? I've been thinking about this purchase too, for such a long time..but I'll still be just thinking about it!! I can't wait to see what wonders you'll make with it sweetie:D

  4. I've entered countless giveaways to get a go baby but I've never been lucky. It looks like such a time saver. I have looked around and this baby is not available in Singapore. Which is typical. And when it's available, you can be sure it will cost many times what it costs in US.



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