Thursday, January 26, 2012

Curvy Nine Patch

This week's quilt block was actually kind of fun to make, curves and all. My printer decided not to work so I had to improvise to cut the templates. I opened the PDF, then resized it until the test square showed as one inch on my screen. Then I simply traced the shapes. Not crazy precise, but neither is my cutting or sewing. The block itself went together fairly quick, and it was one of those sewing sessions that's very relaxed and enjoyable. I really dig this one, even though some of my points were eaten; that's ok - if my seams are hungry who am I to deny them a meal?

I'm not sure why I have not a single problem sewing curves with bags, but with quilt blocks they're so much more fiddly. Maybe it's the lack of interfacing...

I have a question for seasoned quilters and patchworkers: to steam or not to steam? I feel like my seams are so crisp and precise when I use steam, but the steam seams to make the blocks crinkle up a little bit once all the wee pieces are assembled. I've tried looking this up, but I'm getting nowhere. If anyone has any advice on this point I'd be most grateful!

It's quite early still, but I think I'm hauling myself off to bed now. I'm bleary-eyed from quilting, and had a day I wasn't fanatical about....g'night!


  1. Lol at the hungry seams! As for the steam/no steam, I think the principle is that with the heat and the steam the fabric become more maleable and therefore more likely to stretch out of shape, which you wouldn't notice while sewing, but would see after. I have to admit I've started using starch - it's amazing!

  2. Bethany, Keep practicing your free motion quilting. It is hard to find the right balance, as I said, but it is fun!! I have so far to go myself, but I am loving the practice. And why not get your practice in on your own projects. I have some good books that I find very helpful, and one gal, Diane Gaudynski, she is the master. I have both of her books on machine quilting, and she has a good blog too. She was even nice enough to email me back multiple times when I had questions!!!! One suggestion in one of my books is to cut 12 in squares of cotton, muslin or something like that. Sandwich them, and use those for your practice. JUST do it!!!

  3. OOh love your patch. Your points look OK to me. I adore red and have made myself a red/cream/white quilt. (first one) I did steam my seams but I'm a complete novice with quilting so take no notice of me :0D



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