Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Dog Ate My Quilt Block

Guys? I have a confession to make. I did not do well on my diet this week. I spent way too much money on things I don't need. I drove entirely too fast, everywhere. And, maybe the worst, I said "No way, Jose!" to this week's quilt block. I know! I know!! Straight to the fiery pits is where I'm headed!

I've been very diligent about getting my blocks done as they're presented. I don't want to fall behind, and I don't want to just stop when I've already done so many. And I don't intend to. But this week....ugh. We were tasked with finding an applique pattern and working it out. I found lots of cute patterns, had ideas for the fabrics, even cut the things out (the good thing about applique is it doesn't take much fabric). I got started, and then I stopped. I said "{Naughty word} this, I'm not doing it!" And here's why. I hate it. I've tried all the methods I could find: freezer paper, needle-turn, fusible interfacing--I hate them all. They just don't work out for me one bit. They're too fiddly, even with pressed edges they get misshapen, no matter how much I pin it ends up over there when I pinned it over here. It's just not worth it to me to spend all that time for something that won't look that good, that I won't be happy with, and so on. I don't have unlimited time and, more importantly, unlimited patience. So I'm using a homework pass on this one.

Posts should have a pic, so here's an old one of me sitting on the toilet with my sewing machine.

No, I didn't just do this for no reason. It was for a contest where you take a picture of yourself sewing in a weird place (the prize was a new sewing machine). I wasn't dropping my drawers so it's just an awkward pose and some questionable fabric. I didn't win, by the way--the winner was randomly chosen. And here I bet you thought it was an "ugly bathroom tile" contest...

Have an excellent Friday! I'm off to get my "Big Bang Theory" on!


  1. oh men! I could not stop laughing...

  2. New Years resolutions are so 2011 ;-) I think you need a nice glas of red, relax and say to the firy pits: bring 'em on! (The tiles may scare them...) ;-)

  3. Love that picture! Love Big Bang Theory. I feel the same way about paper piecing! Bleh...hate it! But I love applique!!!

  4. Have you tried felt applique?

  5. Aww, shame the dog didn't eat it really, it could have brought a whole new meaning to string quilts when it came back out... ;o)

  6. Momma said there would be days like this...I have ripped apart many things that just weren't turning out right. Sometimes I think I spend more time ripping out than creating and completing. It is frustrating. Best thing sometimes is to just walk away from it and come back later. Frustration only leads to aggravation and then disappointment and feelings of failure. To blankety blank with resolutions, no sense in beating yourself up over messing up on the diet. Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start!

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  8. You are the funniest. Your blog is always a comic/crafty relief :) And oh, I remember this contest. U-Handbag, right? Or not; I'm quite forgetful these days :D



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