Sunday, January 8, 2012

Getting started on my rainbow

It's been an interesting week. In "helping" my sister with a crochet baby blankie she was working on, I somehow got her yarn knotted beyond comprehension. The whole thing. It was awful. This was the same day that the heater broke. It was the coldest day thus far, highs in the twenties, and we were sitting around a space heater in the living room. Very fun. Ummm...I found out I was allergic to the Christmas tree, which hopefully explains why I felt like crap for most of December, but it's gone now and I feel better. I was crap-awful on my diet, but I lost two pounds, which only tells me I ate a monumental amount of cookies at Christmas. I straightened out my fabrics and realized I may have some kind of problem. And I received my "ship confirmation" email for a gift I bought myself that I can't wait to show you (though it was a completely unnecessary splurge and I feel quite wasteful but it's been on my mind for months soooooooo......).

I've made a good amount of headway on my rainbow ripple. When I laid it out to take a picture I realized just how far I have to go with it, but I'm enjoying each row and each color. It's more of a thinker than I thought it would be, and I have probably ripped out just as many rows as I've stitched (I even started the whole thing over). But, unlike most of my projects, I aim for this to be a long-term adventure, so it doesn't matter to me a bit just how long it takes. I don't have all of the colors involved yet, so I don't know what the full repeat will look like, but here I am so far:

It looks much bigger than it actually is....

The red is my favorite. If it's not already it should be called Perfect Red. Because it is.

This section looks better in my head. Right now it reminds me of some neon-'80s toy I used to have. It looks much better in the grand scheme of the blanket, though.

This section reminds me of twilight in winter. You know the kind--the sun is down, there's snow on the ground, and the light is soft and purple. I'm working on that hot-pink stripe now.

I like the interlocking stripe pattern of it all. It feels like I have been stitching for a million years, and I suppose I have been. I'd probably have a huge amount more done if I'd stop ripping it out, but oh well.

I'm trying not to think about the ends....

It's a sport-weight/dk yarn so it's nice and light, but it has a lot of warmth to it when it's draped across my lap. I have a few more colors to place and then I'll be on to the second repeat. Maybe by Christmas the whole thing will be done. I've got to pull myself away from this to sew, which is quite unusual for me.

That's about all I've got for now. I'm hoping as January progresses my motivation increases--I've got nil right now. Have a pleasant week - see you soon!


  1. Oh no! Hope your heater is fixed! Glad you got the tree out! And LOVE the ripple! What? YOU with a fabric problem??? NEVAH!!!!

  2. The blanket is beautiful. Love the colors.

  3. Don't tell me that you're running really low in your reds for the quilt along!!! Hope you don't!!! I love that blanket so far!! I'm so jealous! I want to instantly learn how to knit!! I've been watching video tuts the last days did I tell you? I've already know how to knit and purl!! And I think I've knitted like 10 rows?? But when it comes to decreases and increases..heheheh!! I'm ssssoooo lost!!!
    Anyways!!! Hope you have a great week Beth:D

  4. Whoah, it's looking good so far! What size hook are you using? Allergic to the Christmas tre? Yeah right!! Any excuse!! Hahaha!

  5. Well that looks like quite the mammoth project! Good luck with getting 'er done.

    As for the Christmas tree, I think I see just a teensy bit of irony in the woman that's obsessed with Christmas being allergic to the tree... just sayin ;o)

  6. I've never known anyone that was allergic to their Christmas tree. Love the rainbow ripple, happy colors!

  7. I'm allergic to Christmas trees too! Spent every Christmas of my childhood until I was 11 being miserable because of the darn tree! Glad to hear you found the source of your misery.. love your blanket.. such a cute design and I just adore the colors!
    Thanks so much for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party.. can't wait to see what you share next!

  8. Wow I really love that pattern, I wish I could make something like that :)
    Feel free to submit this to my link party, would love to share it with more people!

  9. love it!!!
    looks so nice!

  10. Hace unas horas encontré su blog,ya estoy haciendo su Bowtie hinchada colcha ,me tente con su top tote ,pero acá hace unas temperaturas muy altas,y para hacer su bolso ,necesito toda mi mente.
    Vamos a lo nuestro! y espero que el traductor ayude :la manta es una belleza y los extremos son una DEPRESIÓN ,yo cuando termino la hilera y doy vuelta el tejido ya con el nuevo color tiro muy fuerte de ambos cabos ,especialmente del que deje para que no se note ,y llevo los 2 cavos dentro de la vareta unas pulgadas,aunque no se cuanto mide la pulgada y así los dos extremos quedan escondidos en el tejido.
    Ya me suscribí a su blog ,ya deje el comentario mas largo de mi vida.

  11. I'll swap you the cold for our weather at the moment if you like 42 Celcius (108F) today, but I am glad you got your heater fixed. But anyway love this!!! The colours are amazing, I want one for winter that is not now :)

  12. This looks awesome! I'm desperate to make a blanket like it this year! Good luck with all the different things you have going on!!

    I'm happy to be your newest follower, and I'm hoping you'll stop by my BRAND NEW blog and follow me back!!

    Thanks a million :)
    Sarah @ Dotted Line Crafts

  13. Your blanket is absolutely stunning! I love it. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  14. Looking good :) WIsh I had time patience to make something like that...

    If you get a chance, love for you to share this at my Link Party:


  15. This colorful blanket look really awesome.In this blanket add all type of colors are includes.

  16. The blanket looks really great- love all those colors. Sorry to hear you are allergic to the tree... what a pain that must have been all season.

  17. Those are some awesome colors! I'm working on my own ripple right now, but only have 3 shades to keep track of. It's such an easy pattern, but it really does feel like it is taking forever. I'm starting to wonder if I'm actually going to finish before the baby gets here in April :/

  18. What a wonderful cosy to have.

    So glad that you decided to join Pin'Inspiration Thursday this week :-)

  19. You are so talented! Love the colors and pattern..
    Thanks for linking up at craftionary

  20. Thank you so much for sharing your great project at JAQS Studio "Made by ME" linky party.

    I featured you today! :)


  21. I definitely love the colors and I hope your heater is already fixed!




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