Thursday, January 19, 2012

A drunkard's path of a post...

I think I had too many imaginary blooming snowballs, because my drunkard's path is a little too sober. Yeah, try and figure that one out. I have no idea what I just wrote. I made one boo-boo but it's not really one because it looks fine and didn't make anything go off-kilter, so it looks different than it's supposed to be but it's still a drunkard's path block, and I can probably make a run-on sentence out of anything if I tried. Phew...

So my mistake? I'm not entirely sure. I just think it's wrong because I couldn't make it look like any of the samples. Or maybe you need more blocks to make it look inebriated. But it's also entirely possible I'm shape-challenged. Either way, though, I like it.

To me it looks like four little gingham boots walking in a circle, so I guess it is kind of a drunkard's path, just walking in circles through a polka dot blizzard. My curves came out nice and sweet this time too:

Because I did a Google search for it I'll probably have the Feds at my door, BUT I had a few moments of intense concern that this block resembled a certain...historical symbol representing hatred and intolerance (but originally did not mean that until a certain group used it to represent its twisted view on mankind). I figured if it too closely resembled that...symbol I'd redo the whole thing, but it doesn't actually look like that so a redo was not required for cultural sensitivity purposes. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then just ignore this paragraph. Even though at this point you've probably already read it, so all I can say is 'sorry.'

I went back to proofread this and my first honest thought was "WTF did I just type?" Hence the title.. But you can't say you weren't warned---'rambly ramblings'--it's right up there in the header.

I'm very looking forward to the weekend--happy happy Friday to you!!!!


  1. Because I did a Google search for it I'll probably have the Feds at my door ---> HAHAHAHAHAHA! I DIED. :p

  2. Definitely too many blooming snowballs ;o) I don't think they're usually arranged this way for the 'path', which might be why it looks odd to you, because they kind of go on the diagonal linking together (if you see what I mean)

  3. I like rambling posts. Keeps it interesting. Yea, I see what you mean now, it does kind of look like that symbol, you know, that one. It's still pretty. I'm not going to alert the FEDS.

  4. Nice curves! :)
    There are so many traditional blocks that resemble that symbol in my mind, I always think it's crazy that no one else mentions/notices it!

  5. I think your drunken path looks fine. Better than my quilt effort.
    I wanted it to look more like some of your finished quilts.
    have a great weekend. x

  6. I did think that it resembled THAT at first before you even said it. Only because whenever I arrange picture frames in groupings of four I try not to see a swastica. But I have also looked it up at one point and I believe that it actually goes the other way. Like the little fan pinwheel blades turn you know what I mean? I think you are good...! :)

  7. Would love for you to join my link party...

    ~The Treasurista



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