Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I've had a good long think with this one and I came up with my resolution for the year. I'm a little late with it (obviously) but late should be the new on-time anyway, since 30 is the new 20 and all that unrelated jazz... Usually I commit to the impossible - lose x amount of pounds, stop cursing, and other rot like that. But THIS year I have a resolution I can live with.

Slow down. That's my resolution. To slow it down. To be in the moment and not several steps ahead of myself.  I found myself at several points last year whining to someone that I felt so overwhelmed with orders, and things I wanted to do/learn, that I would literally lie awake at night with my mind racing in a gazillion directions over something I do for enjoyment. Is that silly, or what? So this year I am going to take it down a notch. No more rushing through things. No more racing on to the next project, even if it's still to be determined. I'm going to work on projects as they come and not worry about just how quickly they get done. Because seriously? Who's counting anyway? Just me. And it's a completely arbitrary number, just like one's age. In the grand scheme of things it means naught.

So I resolve to stop stressing. During the week I'll work on orders if I have them (and not until the almost wee hours), but weekends are for me. For selfish sewing, for reading, for rippling, for whatever my heart desires. Stress doesn't exactly lead to successful projects and joyful hobby time, so I'm going to try to avoid it. Feel free to virtually slap me if I forget and go all hysterical female on you at some point.

This all may or may not be inspired by the fact that my dentist recommended a night guard since I have a teeth-clenching-in-my-sleep issue that has fairly recently surfaced and won't go away. Did you ever wake up and weren't able to open your mouth because your jaw was locked up so tight? It's kind of panic inducing. My dad said he finds this preferable (not the panic part, the other part) because I'd talk much less.... I didn't really have a response for that. I DO talk a lot.

Since I did manage to sew up this week's quilt block I'll be back to show you as soon as I can find my camera.


  1. I can so relate!!! I lie in bed with my wheels spinning too!! I laughed at your comment on my blog! It actually hurts to type fingers are SO sore!!!

  2. Several few years ago, I had some issues with my jaw due to clenching at night. I had no idea I was stressed out. Once it got so bad I couldn't eat or speak for a whole week. It was very depressing as I had no idea what was wrong. I saw a dental specialist who managed to loosen the muscles in my jaw and I was able to function normally. She advised me to get my neck or back checked out as she thinks that's the root. I ignored her advice and it turned out she was right. I had myofascial syndrome which originated from my neck and back muscles. It took 3 years for me to recover and I wish I had managed my stress better in the past. I'm glad you caught yourself before it gets bad.

  3. I have the same problem clinching at night. I finally bit the bullet and had a night guard made from my dentist. I tried the ones that you can buy from Walmart. Didn't work, I would wake up in the morning and it wouldn't be in my mouth!

    I've been wearing my guard every night for a week. I love it. It's comfortable, stays in my mouth and my jaws don't hurt in the morning and I can open my mouth!

    My sympathy is with you. Deep breaths! Love your blog :-).


  4. That sounds like a great plan (and perhaps one I should have embraced myself, given how much I've suddenly committed too lol) and the ideal way to use your time. I think I may go with this approach too - things for others in the week, things for me at the weekend. If only people didn't keep taking up my weekends with 400 mile round trips o.O (love you dearly mum and dad, but 3 times in 6 weeks is taking the proverbial!)



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