Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Few for Friday - #41

This year is really winding down, eh? Recent weeks have been flying by. My brain still has it as being September, so every time I look at a calendar I feel a little jolt of panic that October is nearly half gone. Our weather isn't helping, either. We were in the eighties with high humidity at the start of the week, and today I wore one of my coziest cardigans it was so chilly. Plus I've been under the weather for almost two weeks (which is highly unusual for me) so hardly anything has gotten done. I do feel quite proud that I cut out the fabric for two shirts tonight, and nearly a third (I didn't realize that the cutting counter shorted me until now so I have to buy enough fabric to make some sleeves tomorrow). Anyhoodle, I've got a couple pictures to share-

I saw this big crow at work the other day and wanted a pic as it was quite large. Of course the stupid thing kept hopping and walking and moving, so I'm blocking a lane into work trying to get a picture, completely oblivious to the fact that cars are trying to get around me. As I have quite the noticeable sort of car (it's a Mini) I'm sure many co-workers were cursing me. And to top it off I forgot to roll the window down so the picture looks weird.

 We're getting into my favorite sunset season, the one where I pull over on the way home from work to take pictures before the sun completely sinks.

So that's that. I've got thirty out of 150 granny squares made for Z-man's blanket with ends woven in (woot!) and it's progressing quite nicely. I'm hoping to whip these shirts together this weekend so I can have more time to work on that. And finish the quilt I've been working on since spring. And sew up a new autumn wristlet for my mumsy. And work on a custom order for a wedding. And so on and so forth. I need to find myself a husband with the means to let me stay home and sew and sew and sew all day....


  1. LOL! I found myself a husband who lets me stay home all day... but then I still work, ACK ;-) I just love this season. I am ready for knitting scarves, cardis etc (and I don't even know how to, ha!) and I am crocheting two granny square blankets for a friend who lives on a canal boat. So exciting! Anyway... have a great weekend.

  2. That sunset is fabulous!! Where are the pics of the granny squares!??
    xo Kris

  3. I found a husband who let me stay at home... but then I had a baby. And then two more. And now I work more at home than I ever did at a regular job!



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