Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Few for Friday - #42

I haven't sewn a stitch this week. I have no idea what is wrong with me. I feel absolutely no desire to sew. Usually when I feel that way and force the issue and try to sew something I end up with a lot of frustration and a mess on my hands. I figure I'll wait until the weekend and give it a crack. If I could get the one remaining bag order out of the way I would be totally free to do whatever I want. I should force myself to get there as it's a lovely place to be.

Wanna see some pictures? They're of a little cutie-pie I know...

That kid loves the dog. Sometimes he loves him so much he tries to stand on him or squeeze the life out of him, but Charlie is so wonderful with him. Their favorite thing is looking out the front door and just watching...

 He's totally my nephew. One of his favorite toys is a cheap-o set of nesting dolls I picked up a few years ago. He will sit there for a long time, completely focused, pulling them apart and putting them back together. I'm not brave enough to share with him my other fancier sets that were gifts, but he's still occupied by this one so there's really no need for me to be too generous. I wouldn't want to spoil him.

 Reason #2 we're related. He will sneak away from everyone and sit and go through his books, 'reading' to himself by babbling out loud. It is one of the sweetest things.

 That face. Those stubby teeth. The eyes. I love it.

Lest you think I have forgotten my other favorite guy, he's a big guy now in sixth grade and he's just "really not interested in having his picture taken right now." 

I don't know how you parents get anything done. When the A-train is around I just want to sit and watch everything he does, and he's not even mine. I get all "Sewing? What's sewing? I can't sew anything. I'm watching a baby pretend a toy is eating his toes." Literally.


  1. He is precious!!!!
    Hope your sewing mojo comes back soon!
    XO Kris

  2. Thank you for sharing your photos of your lovely little one. Put a smile on my face.

    I am sure sewing inspiration will come back to you soon. II find if I look around on pintrest I get lots of ideas, in fact I end up with too many things I want to sew.

  3. Och, I'm sure your mojo will wander back home eventually, it's just a PITA when you have *have tos* to get done in the meantime! Still, you've got a cute distraction to occupy your time while you're waiting :o)

  4. I COMPLETELY understand the sewing mojo thing!!! If I'm not in the mood to sew, I might as well throw it all in the trash, cause that's exactly where it will end up if I try to force myself!!! Hope your mojo comes back soon!!! Love the little one!!! He's just too cute!!!!

  5. Add feeding, clothing, bathing, and diaper changes to the baby watching, and believe me, it really is hard to get anything done. My best solution is to cram every little bit of creativity in after their bedtime or before they wake up.
    Hope you get some sewing inspiration soon! When I set everything I HAVE to get done aside and sew something simple and completely frivolous it really helps. For instance, a basic skirt for a daughter who's drawers are overflowing. And sometimes I have to create something that isn't sewn, like clay buttons.

  6. Sometimes there are days like that, no desire to sit and do anything constructive, just being laid back and clearing out the cobwebs. I often think it happens because we love to do too many things and then either get frustrated or burned out trying to do them. I am bad for that, I will be doing one thing and then wish I was doing something else. If someone wants us to make something for them then we get bummed out because the pressure is on to get it done. That is when I find I become like a wilted flower....just plum tired of anything resembling work, because it is no longer "fun". Oh babies and toddlers are the best medicine to bring one out of a funk. Usually after they are done allowing you to love on them you are ready to send them back to mom if you can (unless they are your own) and then it is time to have some more adult fun being creative. Have a good week.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)



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