Sunday, October 20, 2013

Too soon?

Come on, people, there are just about two months until Christmas!! Let's get with the making!! I'm kidding. Right now two months seems a bazillion years away. But I do love seasonal themed fabrics of any kind, so I was having a good old time putting the finishing touches on this slightly-too-soon table runner.

I fell in love with this print when I saw it in Joann's. It is just the essence of Christmas--little red birds, holly leaves, a crisp wintery white. With candy cane binding. Yum.

I did an easy cross-hatch in a diamond shape. I used my hera marker to mark the lines evenly without worrying about those lines being left behind. I've said it multiple times--add one to your wish list if you like to quilt. It's a tremendously helpful piece of plastic.

I had the backing fabric in my stash for a while. I'm glad I hung onto it because it was waiting to be part of something so perfectly Christmassy. It's kind of hard to see but it's got wee little white pin dots all over it. I love the front soooo much, but I love the contrast of the binding with the backing.

I handstitched the binding down so this one is nice and reversible. I cannot justify keeping one more piece of Christmas in this house as there is already so much more than we know what to do with. So I've put this one in my shop in case you'd like to give it a new home. And if you don't want to give it a new home but would like to score some of that yummers candy cane bias tape (made by moi) I've got a listing for some of that too (I got a little carried away and made yards and yards of it because I was having such fun with the stripes. Yes. I know I'm a geek. Thank you :)

I am kind of saddened by the fact that tomorrow is Monday already. How can two stinkin' days go by so quickly?


  1. That is darling! I can't stand to think about Christmas yet. GAH!!!
    xo Kris

  2. That's lovely, and the perfect balance of detail so that the fabric 'speaks' and doesn't get lost. I appear to have lost 2 days too, not sure what happens to time over the weekends :)

  3. Nooooooooo, no, no, no, no, no, shan't, can't, won't admit that the C word is any time soon.

    Still, I like your candy cane binding :oD

  4. Not too early... I have friends who have been listening to Christmas music since August. Although I do like to take the time to enjoy autumn, since we get so little of that here.
    Cute runner though! Those are really fun fabrics.

  5. Your binding is yunniest.It seems that Christmas is just around the corner.



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