Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Makes

I was going to do my baby blanket reveal today, BUT my gifting plans fell through and I don't want to reveal before I give it (or until I get sick of it being here--whichever comes first). So I puttered around the house in my fabulous red and pink polka dot PJs taking pictures of handmade thingees. And now you get to suffer through that. Merry Christmas :)

This is one of the first quilty things I made. It's a table runner for the dining room. It's before I learned about smooth borders and munched points. It's hand-quilted too.

I don't know if this is good stitching or fingers were dead to all sensation for a few days. I only went in one direction but I should have finished the criss-cross.

 I found the instructions for these over at Allsorts. This was a cheery evening spent in front of the TV. They look a wee bit Dr. Seuss-ish, no?

 I used my pinking sheers, and the stitching makes it look more scalloped. On my to-find list: scalloped sheers. I've heard they exist...

 My grandma made this (it's on the kitchen table right now)--no matter how I take the picture I just can NOT get the colors just right. She explained to me the super-easy way to make this, but as soon as it got too math-y sounding my eyes glazed over.

She machine-stitched the pieces but did the quilting by hand.

Hers is reversible. Because she hand-stitches her binding. She's not lazy like me.

I  was looking for light-blue felt a few weeks ago, but saw this instead. Simply yum polka dot felt. I had an ornament idea, but it was real oogey looking (that's not a real word, but describes perfectly how it looked), so I made yo-yos instead since I had already cut circles.
 I still have no idea what I'm doing with them. They're just fun to look at.

A few years ago these were on super-sale and I bought about a half dozen. I don't remember who got them all, but I assembly-line painted them. There were supposed to be lights in the holes, but none of the lights fit, so I used pearls to fill in the holes instead.

Can we take a moment and look at the nifty stars in the eyes, and the plaid scarf?

  Sister Alicia painted this nutcracker a few months ago. She said she can point out all the mistakes but I can't find any. The nephew is a wee bit disappointed that you can't actually crack nuts in it. I remember that feeling well...they should just call it something else, then.

And would you look at that! It's a bell. And it looks like a bell! And not a pile of mush.... I had my sister look at it (she makes jewelry) and she agreed with those commenters who said I had a tension problem. Now that THAT bit is sorted I'm going to spend my Friday off this week at the craft store looking for fun-colored beads. I'm tired of pearls and gold.

Have you got any fun handmade stuff going on right now?
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  1. I don't care what anyone says, I love the first table runner and I think the quilting is great just the way it is. JMOP

  2. Hee hee, love the idea of your eyes glazing over at your grandma, I'm sure one day it'll just click (or something like that lol) Looks like the whole family's pitched in on the whole handmade Christmas though, well done all!

    As for fun stuff, I think we established earlier, not so much ;o)

  3. Some really great holiday stuff there! Way to go on the hand quilting!

  4. The table runner is lovely but I adore those trees very cute :)


  5. Well, you could make your donuts graduated sizes. Then you could find a base and stick a dowel on it. Paint it brown or green, maybe. Stack the donuts on the dowel and voila': a christmas tree! You know, the decorative table top kind.

  6. Simply gorgeous I love all of your creations!!! Thank you so much for linking up at I'm a new follower Merry Christmas and God bless you and yours, Jennifer

  7. Scalloped shears do exist. I hear they're outrageously expensive. Love the nutcracker! Your grandma's quilty thing looks hard to make. My eyes glazed over while you were explaining.

  8. I definitely love all these christmassy beauties! Thanks for sharing, Beth, We are featuring it in the blog today! a happy new year to you and your family!




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