Friday, December 9, 2011

Orange Windows

Wouldn't orange windows be fun? Not the glass, but the trim? Maybe? No? Ok, then. Anyways, that was the name of this week's quilt block because I think it was a combination of two other patterns...or something. I'm tired and have sinus pressure so you'll be lucky if this is a coherent post.

This month we started with applique, raw-edge applique to be specific. You start with a base square. Then you cut out a bunch of shapes in your chosen fabrics, fuse them to Heat 'n Bond, stick those to your fabric and stitch 'em on down. Easy peasy (easier than my fall pillow I made with the same method--that one was all stops and starts). I am subsequently in love with this block. My fabric layout didn't turn out as I thought it would, but the pattern and the zig-zag stitches make up for it.

I love how you can look at this and see several different patterns going on. But my favorite part by far is the stitching. Wanna know a secret? I've never zig-zagged along the edge of something before so I was a bit nervous about making a huge mess of it. This is stitched in 2 (maybe 3?) reeealllly looonnggg lines of stitching.

When my work was on the left side of the needle it was smooth-sailing, but when it was on the other it got a little wiggly at times. It's weird when you're used to looking at your work on one side of the needle and then you have to switch it up. It makes my brain uncomfortable. But I love it, so here's another photo:

Usually when you turn a quilt block over it's a mess of seams. But when you turn this one over it's just as fun to look at as the front:

Oh you should know you're getting another ziggy zaggy close-up:

There won't be a block this week as our hostess is traveling to far-off lands. Which is good. Because my Lola is in the shop for a check-up. She's not sick, but I figured after two years of almost non-stop sewing she deserved a proper rest and cleaning. I've been pottering around with a few other things I most likely wouldn't have gotten to and been enjoying my crafts. I've finished a bunch of little bits, which you'll get to see shortly. I've got a busy weekend coming up, but I'm going to show you my Christmas quilt tomorrow. It's so yummy looking I could eat it! See you soon!

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  1. Ah, I love raw edge applique, so much easier than piecing lol



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