Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I want to go to there....

My sissie Alicia made this for a friend of hers. She never took art lessons or anything. We have a local craft store that offers them, but every time she tried to sign up they were full--of the employees who worked there, which I don't think is right, but whatevs because I think she does just fine on her own. These are on my phone so the quality isn't great, but you should be used to that by now :)

Don't you want to be there? 

I do NOT want to sit under this particular tree in case a coconut were to choose that exact moment to fall.

I love things done in silhouette. I want her to paint me a wintery scene done this way.

My official favorite is how the sun is reflecting off the water. I think just this cropped pic would make a great painting...

She texted me a question about the color of the sky. I had missed it and answered her too late for her liking as she "requires immediate responses" lol. She did the exact opposite of my belated suggestion, and I'm glad she did, because seriously...what was I thinking?

So that's that. It's in the spare bedroom and it makes me smile when I walk past and catch a glimpse, so I thought I'd share. Ta!


  1. Excuse me while I pack my bikini and SPF 380 (pasty redhead, hehe) :-)

  2. Count me in!! It is cold and snowy where I live.

    The picture is amazing!

  3. She has some mad skills there! Love the pic! Yes, I would like to be there, soaking up some sun, listening to the waves crash the shore, and maybe even having an ice cold beer too!!!

  4. That looks really cool, and, err WTH are the staff allowed to sign up for classes?!

  5. Singapore used to have lots of coconut trees. We ate a lot of coconuts when we were kids. They're free. My older brother could climb up these trees easily. Amazing. He would pry the coconuts and drop them. I was the fetcher. Now I no longer eat coconuts as they give me a migraine. If you say your sis doesn't take classes and could produce such quality, then I say she doesn't need the classes.



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