Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sprinkles and Drizzles

It's that time of year when there's too much chocolate, too many cookies, and yet...never enough of the two. I was doing pretty well on my calorie-counting diet, but for December it mostly gets tossed out the window. I have no will-power. There's no way I will ever be able to avoid all that sugar and those yummy munchies. Unless everybody adds raisins and black licorice to everything. Because then you can have it all...

To make matters worse better, on Sunday sister Alicia and I (minus sister Rachel this year--who said she was coming but changed her mind, and then changed her mind back and came for dinner after the work was done, but that's neither here nor there so why even mention it?) opened up our annual one-day confectionary in the kitchen, and put together oodles of yummy chocolate covered pretzels. We have the operation down to a science, between the melting, dipping, sprinkling, and drizzling, not to mention prep and clean-up.

So you start with all this stuff...


...melt and dip, adding sprinkles and drizzles along the way....

...being careful not to drop any because dogs can't have chocolate (and I know this is white chocolate, which isn't chocolate but is technically buttercream (forget where I read that) but why take chances? And it's less for us anyway...

...and then when you're done you have pretty, festive, yummy treats that might make it in to work on the sweets tray....might make it in.


Mmmmmm.....I heard my dad mention baking the other day...yes, please!


  1. Aww, poor wee dug looking all dejected there, you couldn't drop just one wee morsel? ;o)

  2. Yummy, and so pretty! Did they make it in to work? Pupper was so hoping you would drop some!!

  3. I gained 10 pounds just looking at the photos of the sweet stuff.

  4. Chocolate covered pretzels? You Americans are crazy! ;-) They do look pretty though... I too need all the willpower in the world during this time of the year - not good :-) xo



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