Saturday, December 31, 2011

So long, farewell....

I've never liked New Year's Eve. I used to try and enjoy it - I'd get dressed up and go out and drink toasts and all that stuff, but it always felt incredibly forced. I no longer head out for the holiday - I am quite content to sit by the fire with a box of yarn, a cup of tea, and a certain warm white fluffy pup who is content to sleep the evening away. All of the Christmas things have been packed away, Lola is home and resting quietly on my sewing table, and there's not much else to do but relax and reflect.

I could present to you a mosaic of projects for the year. But then I'd have to learn how to do make a mosaic, and I'm still on vacation :) I could present you with a list of top posts for the year, but I don't really care about that sort of thing. I'm happy you visit and chat and email and comment, and that, quite simply, is enough to make this year on the blog absolutely worth it.

One of my favorite Christmas gifts (it's very geeky, of this I am aware) was a beautiful quill pen and a few bottles of ink. And parchment, which is very necessary for edicts and proclamations and that sort of thing that I am going to have to write now, because what else does one write with a quill pen in this day and age?

If I were to name that photograph it would be called 'Potential.' That blank piece of paper, just like the new year, represents new challenges, new projects, new things to learn, new people to meet, and new places to go, all unknown at this moment in time. Quite exciting, eh?

 One of my favorite quotes, but I have no idea of the source - I've only ever seen it as 'Anonymous.'

I hope your new year is pleasant, and that it lets you leave the aches and pains of 2011 behind you. I will see you on the flip side, my dears. Have a safe and happy time ringing in the new!


  1. It's noon here in Singapore on the first day of 2012. It hasn't rained yet and I hope it won't. School starts in 2 days. So far so good. Happy New Year Bethany. Your handwriting is lovely.

  2. Happy New Year, Bethany! Love, the other Bethany ;)

  3. Happy New Year Beth:) filled with new dreams!!!

  4. Happy New Year Bethany! I am like you. My favorite place to be is right here, warm and comfy in my jammies. Don't need cocktail. Just watching movies, and enjoying being home!!!
    Happy New Year to you!!!

  5. Heh, your NYE was as action packed as my Hogmanay then :oD Still, I had fun assembling some blocks in my nice new sewing area, hope you enjoyed your yarn :o)

    Happy new year!



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