Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Workshop

Welcome to Santa's Workshop. A room chock-full of toys with lots of busy elves pottering about.

Doesn't he look like the sort of little old elf who keeps Werther's Originals in his pockets?

This reminds me of  one of those toys Nellie Oleson would have had that she would have told Laura Ingalls not to touch.

I don't know why, but Spiderman on the ladder atop the Tellytubby is cracking me up...

The focus of this room, however (at least for me), was not the stuffed animals and tin cars. It was this. Behold.

Before I show you--focus for a minute on the 19,000 one-inch patches part. I was stuck on that for a while. I still am, actually. 

Look at that. It's quite pixellated this close. So let's pull away a little bit more.

OK, are you ready to see the whole thing?

Can you imagine???? Again--19,000 one-inch pieces!!!! I can't even imagine doing this as a cross-stitched piece. I used to do a bit of counted cross-stitch in my pre-blog days (and pre-sewing, actually), and I did a few pieces that made me dizzy with their intricacy. This fella took that, modified it to be a quilt, and then selected just the right colors and shapes to make this beautiful quilt. That is awesome and amazing.

I decided to try and find out a little more about this quilt's creator. And I came across this. And that's it. Isn't it funny--this beautiful quilt in a little museum in rural Pennsylvania, and thirty words to encapsulate its creator before someone dug a little deeper...


  1. WOW!!!! To that quilt made by Mr. Erbes. Stunning!!!! Thanks also to you for showing it and giving the link to that wonderful story about him. Yes, that story radiated a "gentle spirit" of a man that more people could be wise to follow. If ever I visit PA, I will be sure to check it out.
    Thank you that was a day-maker!!!

    1. Right? I mean--here's this old guy, who had a pretty interesting career and made this amazing quilt--and they whittle it down to under thirty words. It just doesn't seem right...

  2. Wow! So beautiful, and at the same time, so sad. Thanks for sharing, I need to take my grandsons to see this wonderful quilt!

  3. I keep coming back to these posts, like coming back to watch a train wreck... I break out in hives, yet I don't want to look away ;-) The quilt is fabulous work though!!

    1. Lol, a friend of mine told me it makes her feel anxious to see so much stuff, even in pictures.

      And that quilt is huge!!! It's over nine by nine feet. I can't imagine working on someone that large--I get all antsy over baby quilts.

  4. PS... you do realise you will have to become a travel blogger now, don't you!! Going to 'kitschy fun and crazy places' should be your nice. I patiently await your post on 'the biggest yarn ball expo'!! :-)

    1. It really would be, hahahaha--kitschy fun could be my middle name!

    2. That's an excellent niche. I should introduce you to Belgium and Germany... you'd get SO excited of all the half timbered Grimm... STUFF that every sodding village seems to have... yes, Hameln actually exists(and I'd sit there drinking wine, win win).



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