Monday, December 14, 2015

Tudor Towne

Welcome to Tudor Towne, an animated storybook village of cute little animal characters, and an insane amount of detail (have I mentioned before how much I love teeny details?). The story that you read along the way is an original Christmas fairy tale featuring Meggie and Jestifer (which, I don't know why, but I love the name Jestifer). I'll confess--I was kind of running amok taking pictures of some of the scenes so I didn't take pictures of the story and...I didn't even really read it. I know that it's their first time celebrating Christmas, and a weasel named Sleezil tries to wreck their plans. Of course, he doesn't and all is well by the end and everyone is friends.  Don't worry, I won't quit my day job to write fairy tales.

The book is for sale in the gift shop, and I was going to buy one, but the photos were uninspiring so I didn't, totally forgetting I hadn't read the story along the way.

I feel like there is no more perfect winter activity than ice skating. I can't ice skate even a tiny bit, so that perfect activity will elude me. I'll knit instead. And I kind of really took this picture for that adorable teeny sweater.

Obviously this was my favorite part of this exhibit. How cozy does it sound to sit around in cozy, fire-lit rooms and make things for people?

She's slightly blurry because she moves. But look at her little work basket, and that little pink spool of thread! Pigs are seen by many as a symbol of prosperity and good luck (hence their namesake coin collecting receptacle).

I love the irony (is it irony? I never quite get that one right...) of the sheep knitting the sweater.

And the weaving loom. The picture doesn't show it well, but doesn't that green cupboard look absolutely darling? Like something the seven dwarves kept their dishes in?

I decided I'm going to live in this house. The steps will be good exercise.

Just. How. Cute is this?????? And the little shed out back????

This reminds me of 'The Wind in the Willows' where the Christmas caroler's come 'round to Mole Corner and sing songs in the little court. I remember reading that scene as an excerpt before reading the whole book, and it drew me right in, kind of like that scene of the beavers' home in 'The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.'

Hmmm....maybe I'll live here. Or this can be my holiday cottage...

I could not remember why I took this photo. Until I saw the quilt and remembered I took it for that color scheme.

Look how cute that little rabbit is with his surprised look and his candy cane pajamas?

See that little round door with the hole next to it? That's a wee bedroom. How cute! Unless you're claustrophobic, in which case, how terrifying...

Wouldn't you just love to have your shopping and Christmassing accompanied by little impromptu bands? Pigs in sailor suits, preferably...

This was the end scene of the story I can't remember. Everyone in town is there, including Sleezil the Weasel and friends, the knitting sheep, and Father Christmas.

I did have a lot more pictures of this, but this section was very low-lit and almost all of them came out blurry. Sad face. Next time I will surely bring the better camera.

I've always had an affinity towards scenes like this--little house and village displays, with animated characters, and a great attention to detail. The first time I saw such a thing was when I was ten years old, and we went to the Enchanted Christmas Village that used to be located in the old Lit Brothers department store at 8th and Market. It was purchased for a song, and now can be seen in bits and pieces at the Please Touch Museum. The other famous exhibit we've got here in Philly at Christmas is the Dickens Village, which I wrote about here last year.

Have you got anything like this where you live? Or it is just us Americans that go hog wild with Christmas?


  1. Gah, that is so cute! I can't believe you didn't read the story though! ;-)

  2. Now see, knitting animals... far less scary than the Santa Village! ;-) (And yes, I am already pacing to read the next blog, love it)

    1. I'm not sure what you'd call it, knitting a sweater out of yourself--it's not cannibalistic, is it?



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